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Offshore Patrol Vessels - OPV Middle East 2017

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Offshore Patrol Vessels - OPV Middle East 2017

Offshore Patrol Vessels 2017 Kuwait

Offshore Patrol Vessels - OPV Middle East 2017 is being held in Kuwait from 9 to 11 October.

The navies and coast guards of the Middle East, together with the wider international maritime security community, will discuss how they can work together to bring security to the region’s seas. In recent years, the region’s naval proliferation has grown to a net-worth of over US$22bn.

Supported by the Kuwait Ministry of Defence and the Kuwait Naval Force, the 6th edition of OPV Middle East will focus on enhanced maritime surveillance and the importance of international maritime law in the ever-evolving threat landscape of the region, the significance of which was highlighted by NATO’s first regional centre within the Gulf being opened in Kuwait earlier this year.

OPV Middle East will address issues regarding policy, capability and regional maritime security. Serving as an international summit for officers and those in the defence industry, the event will provide a forum to enable cooperation and discourse on overcoming the challenges of maritime security whilst providing a chance for navies and coast guards to network with the wider defence industry.

OPV Middle East 2017 attendees will be able to build relationships with senior officers from GCC navies and coast guards in order to understand both current and future requirements and to improve inter-governmental cooperation.

Attendees will develop their knowledge of key maritime security concerns in the Middle East in order to enhance regional defensive / offensive capabilities plus understand the latest innovative technologies to boost maritime operations and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing threat landscape

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