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Inflatable Boats

This category is separated into sub-categories based on type of use and overall boat length. Use the drop down menu under Inflatable Boats to select boat type

Inflatable Boat Characteristics

The main feature of an Inflatable Boat is lightweight, durable construction. The sides and bow are flexible tubes containing air. The transom is rigid for mounting a motor

On smaller boats the floor is often flexible to keep weight to the minimum. On boats over 3 metres (10 feet) the floor can be made of 3 to 5 rigid plywood or aluminium sheets

Professional Inflatable Boats

Inflatables are usually powered by a single gasoline or petrol outboard engine. Inflatables have many roles in the military and commercial sector as personnel and load carriers

These craft make excellent dive boats and can be used in shallow water. They are usually run at low to medium speeds. In flat sea conditions speeds can exceed 30 knots

Air Filled Tubes

The Inflatable tube may be made of Hypalon, Neoprene-Hypalon, PVC or Polyurethane. This tube has multiple air chambers each fitted with separate fill and relief valves

The air filled tube makes the inflatable boat extremely versatile by providing high stability, a softer ride at sea and the ability to fender off vessels without damage

For inflatable boats with a rigid hull click on RIBs & RHIBs

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