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Marine Seating

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High Speed Craft seating should provide good ergonomic positions for helmsman, crew and passengers. Seats need to allow space for lifejackets, webbing & body armour.

Jockey Suspension Seats

RIB & HSC seating has evolved from jockey or straddle style seats. The professional sector usually specifies suspension jockey seats rather than fixed seating.

Bolster Suspension Seats

Bolster and semi-standing seats allow the crew to move around the boat for boarding, to use weapons, operate specialist equipment or to reduce space.

Suspension Seats

Due to higher operational speeds many organisations using RIBs & HSC select suspension seating. Marine suspension seating may have feet on or off the deck.

Wheelhouse Seats

Wheelhouse or bridge seating is used for extended periods of time and must be comfortable. Wheel house seats are usually on raised pedestals with suspension.

Suspension Systems

Suspension systems include combined helm and workstations. The system integrates suspension for the man with suspension for controls and critical equipment. 

Crew & Troop Seats

Crew or troop seating needs to accommodate multiple occupants in a limited space. Fold up seating enables space to be used for transporting crew, equipment or cargo.  

Suspension Components

Various components are available to construct or upgrade a suspension seat including shock absorbers, springs, dampers, seat cushioning and elecronic controls.

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