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RIB & HSC Components

This category is separated into sub-categories of RIB & HSC Components. Use the drop down menu under RIB & HSC Components to select products.

RIB & High Speed Craft Components

This category includes components that are part of the construction of the craft. These components are used by OEM, boat builders, shipyards and for re-fit applications.

RIB and High Speed Craft components include fuel systems, cleats, deck hatches, hatches, doors, windscreens, portholes, windscreens and windows.

Deck & Flooring Materials

Decks need to give be slip resistant when wet.  Anti slip flooring materials are supplied in sheets, rolls or tiles and are attached to the deck with adhesive.

Deck cushioning materials, including specialist foams and plastics, are used to reduce impact and vibration on RHIBs, RIBs and High Speed Craft.

RIB & RHIB Sponsons, Tubes & Collars

This category includes new and replacement air filled inflatable tubes and air holding sponsons. RIB & RHIB tubes can be designed to slide-on or are glued-on.

Various material combinations are used by foam collar craft. Closed-cell polyethylene (PE) foam is a typical material selected for low water absorption properties.

Ballistic Protection

Many maritime organisations now consider ballistic protection. This ranges from security glass to individual protected positions and overall "up-armour" systems.

Armour applications are available for high speed assault boats, patrol boats, response boats, escort boats, riverine craft, homeland security vessels & law enforcement craft.

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