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Drumgrange XTREME Tablet PC

Marinised PC:

Sealed to IP67

Display Size Options:

8 Inch / 10 Inch / 12 Inch

Power Options:

12 to 32 volt DC


Ethernet / USB / CAN-bus / Wireless

Drumgrange XTREME Tablet PC is a fully marinised unit designed to operate in harsh environments. The XTREME Tablet PC was originally developed for installation on fast RIBs conducting maritime interdiction operations. This robust unit has multiple applications for maritime operations including navy, law enforcement, emergency services, oil and gas platforms, port and border protection.

Modular in construction the XTREME Tablet PC can accommodate display sizes of 8 inch, 10 inch or 12 inch. It can be provided as a single unit or supplied as separate display and computer module connected by an umbilical cable. The XTREME can be supplied with a range of high performance, low power processors. The unit is powered from a 12 to 32 volt DC source and has built in supply protection circuits and EMI / EMC filtering.

Function keys, a force joystick and mouse selection keys are mounted around the display bezel. The function keys can be defined on the requirements of the target application. The display is sunlight readable with dimmable backlighting plus separate night and day illumination settings.

The Marine XTREME Tablet (MXT) can withstand the most challenging EMC, climatic and environment conditions ranging from arctic to tropical regions. The fully marinised rugged construction is sealed to IP67. The unit meets EMC requirements of Def Stan 59-411 and environmental requirements of Def Stan 00-35. The range of external interface options includes audio, Ethernet, USB serial, CAN-bus and wireless. A land based version (LXT) utilises the same rugged design for port and onshore applications.

Drumgrange XTREME Tablet PC clients include:-

UK Ministry of Defence

Contact Details:-

Drumgrange Ltd - TEL +44 (0)1932 581152

Unit A, The Forum, Hanworth Lane, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 9JX UK

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