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VDL Seenite Night Vision System


Multi-axis Gyro Stabilised

Thermal Imager:

High Resolution 50hz


High Zoom Colour / Ultra-low Light

Standard Laser Pointer:

Optional Laser Dazzler

VDL Seenite Night Vision Cameras provide a multi-spectral surveillance system specifically designed for the most gruelling marine environments. Typical applications include search and rescue, man overboard, collision avoidance, night time pilotage, target tracking and 24 hour surveillance.

The VDL Seenite Night Vision LMD (Lightweight Medium-range Detection) system includes a high resolution 50hz thermal imager, high zoom colour camera and ultra-low light camera. The full frame rate thermal imager enables day and night target and object detection. The high zoom day and night colour camera enables long range target recognition. The unit has a laser pointer as standard with the option of a high powered laser dazzler to warn and deter potential threats.

The Seenite Night Vision LMD is manufactured from carbon fibre to ensure a high strength to weight ratio. The multi-axis gyro stabilised Seenite Night Vision LMD is suitable for RIBs and high speed craft. The unit can be mounted upright or inverted and is available in clear lacquer finish or colour matched. SeaPod joysticks are designed to provide infinite velocity control to enable smooth and easy tracking or monitoring.

Seenite Night Vision Cameras are specifically designed for use in the marine environment. All of the cameras are housed in titanium, 316 stainless steel or carbon fibre enclosures. All enclosures are dry nitrogen purged and desiccant charged to prevent the corrosive cycle that occurs when using heaters to prevent condensation. Seenite Night Vision Cameras are fully sealed and immersion tested to IP69 standards.

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Unit 2, Designer House, Anglebury Business Park, Sandford Lane, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 4DY, UK

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