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SeaFLIR III Multi Sensor Imager

Thermal Imaging:

Mid Wave Infra Red

Low Light Camera:

40x Zoom


Gyro Stabilised



SeaFLIR III Multi Imager with Gyro-stabilisation is engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of maritime and military environments. Applications include maritime & airborne reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition, search & rescue, coastal & harbour patrol, force protection, counter terrorism, drug interdiction, customs inspections, mine detection, anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, navigation, situational awareness, collision avoidance, environmental and vessel traffic monitoring

SeaFLIR III features mid or large format mid-wave IR with up to 450mm of continuous zoom. The powerful, sensitive thermal imaging delivers crisp imagery through total darkness and most obscurants with detection capability beyond 10 km. Daylight / low-light TV with 40x zoom assists in reading ship registration numbers and a multitude of daytime surveillance missions. The low-light camera allows operation into dawn and dusk, and can see the laser pointer. Gyro-stabilisation provides stable imagery in rough seas and is critical for long range imaging.

For precision target geopositioning the eye-safe laser rangefinder works in conjunction with GPS / INS / IMU / DMC to calculate target lat/long, elevation, range and bearing. The multi-mode autotracker allows an operator to lock onto targets and reduces fatigue, critical for long missions. The optional laser pinpoints targets for observers using night vision equipment, while remaining invisible to others.

Flexible integration capability enables SeaFLIR III to communicate with a variety of command and control systems, GPS  / INS / IMU devices, radar, moving map and searchlight systems for improved mission effectiveness. Support of both digital and analog video outputs maximises compatibility with platform monitors and recording devices. Digital capability optimises video resolution and provides greater data transmission / manipulation flexibility.

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FLIR Systems Inc - 27700A SW Parkway Avenue, Wilsonville, OR 97070 USA TEL +1 503 498 3191

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