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Cummins QSB6.7 Quantum Series Engine

Engine Type:

6 Cylinder / 4 Stroke

480 HO / GS:

353 KW / 473 bhp

425 ID / HO:

312 KW / 419 bhp

380 ID / HO:

280KW / 375 bhp

Cummins QSB6.7 Quantum Series engine is an economical, environment friendly engine that delivers high performance when required. The in-line 6 cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine utilises a matched turbocharger and 24 cylinder head. The Cummins QSB6.7 is designed for multi-tasking RHIB or HSC operations where the craft is required to loiter at tick over, patrol at low speed, then operate at full speed within a single transit.

Diesel is the primary fuel type for the QSB6.7 Quantum Series engine. The Bosch HPCR fuel system with hardened components enables use of alternative fuels, including JP8, JP5 and kerosene. Front mounted filters are designed for easy access and the service interval is reduced to 500 hours when using ULSD fuels. SmartCraft electronics enable operators to access comprehensive engine performance and diagnostic data.

Environmental benefits from the common-rail design include reduced emissions and reduced noise. The high pressure common-rail virtually eliminates smoke and reduces noise through all operating ranges, including reduced noise at idle. The Walker air intake is designed to reduce noise. Quantum Series quiet operation characteristics are designed for military and police applications.

Optional accessories include digital throttle and gear shift controls. SmartCraft 2.2 can monitor fluid level, vessel range, depth, speed, rudder position and temperature. The seawater system has an optional dry run capability. Cummins through life support includes a global service network. Cummins QSB6.7 Quantum Series engine emissions meet EPA Tier 3, RCD and IMO2.

Cummins Engine clients include:-

US Navy, US Coast Guard, Armstrong, Kvichak, MetalCraft, Silver Ships, Zodiac, Metal Shark, Willard Marine, Ribcraft, Brunswick Government & Commercial

Contact Details:-

Cummins Inc
Recreational and Light Commercial Marine, 4500 Leeds Ave Ste 301, Charleston, SC 29405

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