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Reconcraft RC34C-SLG Amphibious RHIB

Aluminum Construction:

5086 - 5083 / Hull Shield

On Water:

Hydraulic Retractable Wheels

On Land:

Motorised Steerable Wheels

Speed On Land:

Up to 12 kph / 7 mph

ReconCraft Amphibious Interceptor Vessel (RC34C-SLG) is designed for coastal and riverine operations. The RC34C-SLG is powered by twin 335hp twin-turbo diesels coupled to heavy-duty ZF marine gears and Hamilton 241 Water Jets. It can reach speeds of over 40 knots on water, and 12 kph (7 mph) on land. On water the RC34C-SLG is a high-speed interceptor and command center. On land, it facilitates safe personnel transfers and covert reconnaissance in areas previously considered inaccessible.

The military-grade SEALEGS 100 amphibious system allows rapid and seamless transitions from land to water and water to land without requiring a boat ramp or additional personnel and vehicles. The RC34C-SLG includes a military-grade all-wheel-drive amphibious system with a 6,500 kg (14,300 lbs) capacity. The Sealegs system consists of motorised, retractable and steerable wheels which are powered by an on-board hydraulic power-pack. This gives a user variable speed, both forward and reverse, on land.

Once in the water the Sealegs wheels are easily retracted into the ‘UP’ position and are completely out of the water. The boat is then driven and used as normal. When approaching land the Sealegs wheels are lowered into the ‘DOWN’ position whilst still moving through the water. When the Sealegs wheels touch the bottom the boat can be driven up onto land.

The ReconCraft  RC34C-SLG can operate without fixed launch and recovery locations in areas with little or no support infrastructure thereby reducing response times plus increasing patrol coverage and tactical capability. It can maneuver up hills and ascend unimproved surfaces to increase heights of eye for sensors.The enclosed cabin, with state-of-the-art detection and monitoring (D&M) sensor suite, provides a safe and functional tactical command center.

Reconcraft clients include:-

US Customs & Borders, US Army, US Navy, US National Park Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Forest Service, US Bureau of Reclamation, Ecuadorian Armed Forces, Belize Defense Force, Peruvian Navy

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320 Nevada Street, Suite 301, Newton, MA 02460 USA  TEL: +1 (877) 645-7761 

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