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Boatmaster Fully Submersible Boat Trailers


Aluminum / Stainless Steel

Military RTT Trailers:

Rough Terrain Transport

Custom Systems:

Highway Capable

Custom Systems:

Air Transportable
Unimproved Terrain

Boatmaster Fully Submersible Boat Trailers are all aluminium trailers, engineered and built to accept the hull design of the specific boat to be trailered. Designs accommodate all propulsion types including outboard, inboard, inboard with outdrive and water jets. All trailers are constructed from design prints to ensure quality control for every trailer manufactured.

Custom transport systems for special use vessels are engineered, designed, and tested for use in extraordinary environmental and unusual terrain conditions. These units are air transportable, highway capable and designed to transport the vessel to any destination. All Military RTT (Rough Terrain Transport) trailers are engineered not only to accommodate the vessel, but also to accommodate the prime mover and ensure the intended use is fulfilled. Major considerations for type of terrain, environmental conditions, frequency and type of use, influence trailer design to the component level.

Many of the components used on the military and government trailers are interchangeable with common purchased or standard stock items from existing government inventory. CAD drawings and operating manuals are created for each Boatmaster military and commercial trailer. Repeatability and uniformity are considered essential to maintain the ability to acquire and sustain large projects in all areas of the world.

Boatmaster Trailers is an approved GSA supplier. Boatmaster Trailers is a member of the US National Marine Manufacturers Association and the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers.

Boatmaster Boat Trailer clients include:-

United States Navy, United States Coast Guard, United States Marine Corps, Homeland Security, NAVSEA, State Government Facilities, OEM vessel manufacturers

Contact Details:-

11950 Amedicus Lane, Fort Myers, FL 33907 USA  TEL: +1 239 768 2292

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