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Protector Professional RHIBs

Size Range:

6.7 to 12.2 metre / 22 to 40 feet

Hull Construction:


Tube Construction:


Deck layouts:

Center Console / Cabin

Rayglass manufacture the Protector range of RHIBs (Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats) from 6.7 to 12.2 metre (22 to 40 feet) which are designed to excel in harsh open sea conditions. The Protector line of boats was originally designed as a special Coast Guard platform that could offer extended patrol range and operate in the offshore conditions around New Zealand’s coastline in comfort and safety.

Protectors have evolved into the multi-mission ‘do-everything’ platform that provides search and rescue, tactical boarding, port security, fire fighting, interdiction and emergency medical service capabilities. Protector RHIBs give comfortable, high-speed, rough water manoeuvrability and reduced crew fatigue without sacrificing mission performance or safety.

The durable construction is aimed to reduce operating costs and maximise patrol time. Protector’s functional deck and cabin layouts give excellent situational awareness and rapid boarding capabilities. Protector’s modular deck system includes multiple crew seating configurations. Safe boat-to-boat boarding is achieved with military grade Hypalon sponsons. An optional high-volume fire fighting pump allows the craft to undertake fire fighting roles.

The Protector Center Console designs are used for alongside boarding and operations that require open deck access from the helm station. These craft are ideal for coastal units or ships requiring a smaller platform that is easily hoisted or trailered. Protector Cabin RHIBs are used for operations requiring a dry cabin area with mission specific features such as specialised seating or weapons mounts. The cabin design offers an enclosed cabin with two bunks and a front hatch-system for rapid boarding from the bow.

Protector RHIB clients include:-

Navy, Coastguard, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, professional user information to follow

Contact Details:-

Protector - 1363 Embarcadero, Oakland, CA, 94606 USA

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